The Computer-Aided Design comprises of working on different CAD softwares.

This course covers the basic and intermediate aspects of AutoCAD necessary to create, edit and plot a drawing.

This course use sketchup for easy construction of 2D/3D models that can be used in Construction, Interior Design, Furniture Design, Decorations, etc.

This couse covers 3D Models, Still life composition & rendering. Animation Walkthrough, Video Post, Plug-ins, Poster Printing. 

Infoclub LTD brings you the latest technologies and tools currently being used by CAD Technicians all over the world.


AUTOCAD 2022 - 2D & 3D

2D COURSE CONTENTS : AutoCAD features & menus, user interface, screen layout, drawing setup procedures, function keys, basic 2D drawing creation commands, file management commands, setting drawing precision, coordinate input systems, editing commands and features, setting and using layers, inquring about drawing information, introduction to block creation, hatching, introduction to dimensioning techniques, drawing template creation, object snaps, display manipulation commands for object viewing, basic editing techniques, text annotation creating and usage, basic plotting techniques.

3D COURSE CONTENT: Advanced 3D construction, Surface modelling, Solid modelling, Use of materials and rendering, Adding lights to your drawings.

DURATION : 3 months or 40 - 60 hours + project & exams papers / Intermediate & Advanced Levels

EXAMS : CITY& GUILDS in Apr, August, Dec

Sketchup for Designers

COURSE CONTENTS : Use sketchup for easy construction of 2D/3D models that can be used in Construction, Interior design, Furniture design, decorations, etc. Use special effects, components and materials to design real-life objects and add camera views to inspect your design from different positions. Measurements, dimensions, printing included.

DURATION : 2 months or 24 hours+project and exams papers/ Intermediate & Advanced Levels

3D Studio Max

COURSE CONTENTS : Creating 2D & 3D Models, Basic Character Animation, Architectural Modelling, Forward & Inverse Kinematics, Materials, Basic Materials, Materials with Textures, Compound Materials, Outerspace scence, Still Life Composition, Video Post, Camera Match Perspective, Color Rendering, Filters, Hard Copy Printing, Basic Transformation, Track View.

DURATION : 3 months or 40 hours+project and exams papers/ Intermediate Level/


The modules above are part of City & Guilds Qualifications


There are many benefits in becoming a CAD Technician


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